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Charles E. Yallowitz has set off on the adventure he has always dreamed of by following the path of an author. After years of wandering around the world locked within his brain, he is excited to bring his tales to life. All to entertain and bring a smile to the face of someone who wants nothing more than a little escape from reality.

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Author Biography

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.

Books by Charles E Yallowitz

Charms of the Feykin (Legends of Windemere Book 11)


Delvin & Sari have disappeared into the Southern Jungles of Windemere, but their friends are determined to bring them home. Yet, what they expected to be a rescue mission draws them into a brewing war with their lost friends at the helm. For the sake of their friends' souls, Nyx and the others will risk their lives and battle an enemy that has had years to prepare.

Tribe of the Snow Tiger (Legends of Windemere Book 10)


Through victories and tragedies, Timoran Wrath has stood by his friends as an unbreakable pillar of wisdom and strength. Now he must lead the to the mountainous homeland that he never intended to return to. Will the Snow Tiger Tribe's most hated exile survive or is will the other champions be forced to continue on without him?

Crossing Bedlam


Welcome to the Shattered States where everyone is broken, death is around every corner, survival comes above all else, & Cassidy just adopted an insane serial killer for her traveling companion. Are the Shattered States ready for these two to go cross-country?

The Mercenary Prince (Legends of Windemere Book 9)


With his confidence splintering, Delvin Cunningham has left the champions. Traveling to the Yagervan Plains, the young warrior is ready to face his long avoided past. Yet there are dangers lurking in the plains that threaten his birth and adopted homelands. For his own survival, Delvin will have to gather his courage and assume the role of the cunning Mercenary Prince once again.

The Merchant of Nevra Coil (Legends of Windemere Book 8)


Yola Biggs the Goddess of Chaos is out for revenge. Though nobody is really sure why she wants revenge or why the champions are being blamed. All people know is that when you have Yola coming after you, things are about to get deadly and weird.

Legends of Windemere Fantasy Series Bundle #1: (Contains Books 1-3)


From Visindor Forest to the town of Haven, Luke Callindor has traveled across the kingdom and pushed him to his limits. Now you can grab the first 3 of his adventures and escape reality for a while. Just how long can Luke stumble before his luck gives out.

Ichabod Brooks & the City of Beasts


It is a time of grand adventures and wandering heroes, but one man takes on the dangerous jobs for more than glory and fame. After all, those things don't put food on the table and Ichabod Brooks has a family to feed.

Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue (Legends of Windemere Book 7)


Lured to a cursed forest, Luke Callindor and his friends will discover the final champion. Waking the Sleeper is only the beginning of their newest adventure as they travel to the desert city of Bor'daruk. Luke is reunited with his fiancee whose family is being hunted by terrifying beasts. With only a few Grasdons left, every attack brings them closer to destruction. Yet there is more to this than anyone realizes and Luke may be the one to blame.

Curse of the Dark Wind (Legends of Windemere Book 6)


Showing courage and depending on friends, Luke Callindor has survived all that his adventures have thrown at him. No matter the obstacle, he has pushed himself to some semblance of victory. Now he has been infected by the Dark Wind and his body is failing. With every breath, Luke plunges deeper into the living curse's influence. How can he defeat a threat that is oozing through his veins?

The Compass Key (Legends of Windemere Book 5)


Luke Callindor takes the fight to the Lich's doorstep in the Caster Swamp. Yet when the dust settles, the champions will find their latest adventure has just begun. The Compass Key has awoken beneath the streets of Gaia and it is the only thing that will revive their fallen friend. Battles will range across the land, sea, and sky as everyone races for this long lost relic. Who will claim the Compass Key and will it revive a champion or a monster?

Family of the Tri-Rune (Legends of Windemere Book 4)


Hero's Gate has haunted Nyx's dreams ever since the day she accidentally cast the Genocide spell. Now she returns to the city she cursed to repair the damage she caused. Aided by a new ally, can she return Hero's Gate to its former glory? Or will the angry citizens feed her to the Krypters, a new breed of undead born from her corrupted magic?

Allure of the Gypsies (Legends of Windemere Book 3)


After facing death and betrayal on the L'dandrin River, Luke Callindor and his surviving friends head for the nearby town of Haven. Seeking to recover their injured spirits, they are unwittingly walking into the Lich's newest trap. Can they survive two necrocasters, a zombie army, a Sword Dragon, and the woman who Luke left at the altar? What role will a gypsy named Sari play in the events that will see another hero fall on the battlefield?

Prodigy of Rainbow Tower (Legends of Windemere Book 2)


Traveling along the L'dandrin River, Luke Callindor and his friends will face a gauntlet of traps and demons. Yet the real danger might be closer than the young warrior could ever imagine. He is about to learn how unforgiving the adventuring life can be.

Beginning of a Hero (Legends of Windemere Book 1)


Every hero must take the first courageous step into adventure. For Luke Callindor, it’s more of a blind stumble.