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Julie & Kishore is an interracial romance loosely based on my life. It follows the story of this couple as they face being in a relationship in New Zealand in the late '80's.

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I live in Auckland, New Zealand where I was born and raised. My hubby was born in India and came to
New Zealand in the late '80's. This is the subject of my books, Julie & Kishore and the sequel, Julie &
Kishore: Take Two. Both of these stories are based on our lives, how we, as a couple faced being in an
interracial relationship at that time.

We have now been married for more than twenty years and have two children who are young adults.
We also have a Pomeranian dog called Louie and his best friend is our ginger cat, Donny.

I am currently writing a third book, which has many of the same characters but is a completely different story.

Books by Carol Jackson

Julie & Kishore: Take Two


Julie & Kishore: Take Two is the sequel to Julie & Kishore. The couple return from India, with Julie full of tales of her amazing trip. They return to work and 'normal' life. Julie begins to plan for her long-awaited white wedding, when unexpectedly, a return trip to India must be made.

Julie & Kishore


It is the late '80's, Julie is from New Zealand and Kishore is from India. He immigrates to her homeland, they meet and begin a relationship. Julie and her family know barely anything about Indian people or the culture. She is cautious, yet determined to not let other peoples prejudices deter her from falling in love.