C Jones

Author of horror and all things terrifying and disturbing.

Author Biography

Born in the Midwest and a lifelong horror fan, C Jones has always had the imagination and aspiration to write truly terrifying and disturbing stories, to satisfy and intrigue fellow horror fans who enjoy a good scare and the ambient uncertainty that stays with them after reading a truly good horror novel.“While writing novels I sometimes have to take breaks because sometimes I can’t handle what comes out of my mind and flows into the stories I write. Everyone enjoys visiting the disturbing and dark sides of themselves. The only difference between myself and others is that I put on paper what’s going on in my head through my novels instead of keeping them locked away in my mind.”

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A tortured young boy is brutally murdered by his sadistic parents and in order to save his soul he must face his demons of the past. But, the Dark One is there, watching and waiting for him to make the mistake that will destroy all of humanity.