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Colin Alan Powell (C.A. Powell) lives in the Fenlands of Cambridgeshire, England. He enjoys reading, writing, and watching football, motor racing. Partial to good movies and dramas too.

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C. A. Powell was born in the East London district of Bow during the year 1961. He went to school and grew up in the East London district Poplar, Limehouse and then Teviot Street until age eleven. From then on, he went to school in Hornchurch, Essex.

His growing up years were very happy ones and he found far too many things interesting and facinating - so many that he has no time to follow all such avenues of interest. He loves his country with a passion, is happy and proud of his children (now adult) and of course his many grandchildren that keep increasing in number.

Books by C. A. Powell

Meeting Boudicca


A story set in the early time of Roman Britain. One queen was a monumental failure that echos through out eternity. Her name was Boudicca (Boadicea) Another queen of this time was succesful and reigned for many years. She was all but forgotten to histroy. Her name was Cartimandua.

Saxon Quest


A Celtic king dies in the West of Britain. He leaves a realm without an heir. The inhabitants of a neighbouring Saxon kingdom see a chance to invade. However, fixations of audacious and intoxicated men do not always deliver the desired outcome, when up against cold reality.

The Black and Tan Summer


Father John tries to keep his village of Cafgarven free from the political blight that has brought about a conflict of tit-for-tat murders between Nationalist rebels and supplimentry policemen. His task gets more difficult when his help is required by men from either side of the conflict.