Brandon Berntson

Brandoon Berntson has been writing speculative fiction for almost 30 years and has been featured in various magazines and anthologies before venturing off as an indie author.

Author Biography

Brandon Berntson was born in Boise Idaho, but grew up in various towns throughout Colorado, where most of his stories take place. A fan of dark fantasy, horror, magical realism, and young adult fantasy, he is the author of Castle Juliet and When We Were Dragons, enchanting, magical reads for all ages. He is also the author of Body of Immorality, a cryptic collection of horror stories, and the raw, adult-themed, All The Gods Against Me. His influences include Stephen king, Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Jonathan Carroll, Anne Rice, Robert McCammon, Peter Straub and countless classics. A fan of ice hockey, Beethoven, Black Sabbath, classic horror films, and Star Trek, he makes his home in Boulder, Colorado.

Books by Brandon Berntson

Snapdragon Book I: My Enemy: A Dark Fantasy Horror Novel


A stranger arrives in Ellishome, Colorado astride a black horse. His face is that of death, but he is no bogeyman. He is a purveyor of lost souls, and he has come to Ellishome to claim the lives of men, women, and children. Seth, an innocent boy, is deeply affected by the horrors plaguing his small town. When Ben, a magical tiger appears in the meadow beyond his backyard, the stranger is suddenly all too real, and Ben needs Seth's help.