Bobbie Barker


Author Biography

Bobbie Barker was born and raised in Islington, London. In the 70's it was a very different place to the way it's known today, it wasn't all posh coffee shops and Bistro's back then. As a child she was aware there were criminal activities going on around every corner, so it is by no coincidence her chosen genre is crime. As a young woman, Bobbie balanced her family life with work; there was little time to consider writing, but time has moved on and with it, the opportunity to become a full time freelance writer.

Books by Bobbie Barker

Field of Glass, a British Crime Novel


Marcus Cussack is about to be released from prison and has some business to take care of. He is a psychotic, dangerous man and there is no reasoning with him; very few have tried and survived. He is a man with a new obsession; in the name of Jessie Harris.