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Author of Warrior King Legacy the story of Vercingetorix

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Author Biography

Tony Hogger is a 57 year old East Londoner lucky enough to live, with his wife Jan, in a thatched cottage in rural Hertfordshire.

Warrior King Legacy is his first published novel.

He is working on, at least, three different projects all in various stages of development: 3ok+ words, 70k+ words and ready for a second edit - it seems he can't decide which to proceed with and he continually flits between them.

Historical Fiction is his first passion, but he'll read most anything with at least a modicum of action in it.

I sincerely hope if you decide to read any of my work (current and future) that it gives you as much pleasure reading it as it did me writing it.


Books by Anthony Hogger

Warrior King Legacy


If you like historical fiction and you’re interested in ancient Gaul, then Warrior King Legacy is a must read for you! A breathtaking debut novel from Anthony Hogger. Warrior King Legacy is the true story of a son's determination to fulfil his father's dream that their nation will never succumb to tyranny. It is a story of courage, of love, of vengeance, and of tragedy.