Amie Daniels

I'm a very part time author and writing romance, love and lust theme stories sometimes with a little bit of spice ;) can always be found at my laptop with a coffee in hand.

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Author Biography

When I'm not writing then I'm generally thinking about writing! Or spending time with friends, family, my cat or my long suffering other half. I was born and raised in Hull and still live there now (Yorkshire and proud!) I'm, begrudgingly, ticking the box now marked 30 - 39 years sigh I'm Arsenal fan and love any music with loud guitars but my real musical passion is being a pop punk princess (I've been/am a Killjoy, Young Blood, Overcast Kid and a Die Hard Car Crash Heart) I take a lot of inspiration from music, the world in general and my random experience with strangers... my life is basically a series of embarrassing incidents strung together by the retelling of said incidents :/

Always happy to chat so feel free to drop me a message :)

Books by Amie Daniels

Outside Edge


Outside Edge is a modern day romance, following the life and love of two similar yet different men; passionate and addictive their story is one like no other and guaranteed to have you gripped from the first page.

Being Together Being Alone


A wild, highly charged and passionate lust story between two lovers who both want very different things.