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Live, love, laugh, then love some more! = My motto. I am a writer/research analyst, specializing in Ancient History. I have several works on the go at the moment. (When writer's block halts one, it's always good to have another to jump into!) I also have a planned outline for a Historical Series, which centers in the Bronze Age.

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Author Biography

Welcome friends! I’m glad you have come for a visit! Pull up a seat, get comfy, and stay a while. Allow me to introduce myself; My name is Amarissa Amber Cale, but you can just call me Amma… that’s what all my friends call me.

I was born in Toronto, Canada, where I grew up and now live in Northern Ontario, in a (very) remote little town. I have lived on either Coast of Canada, and have had the pleasure of savoring both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. I loved them both, so please don’t make me choose! Currently, I live in the Great Northern Wilderness with the love of my life Wayne, and our ‘psycho’ dog, Tucker.

Consider yourself forewarned; I love history, the older a place, item, era, or language is, the more rapt my attention. Thus far, my favorite era in history is the Bronze Age. I love reading (all 14) translations of Homer’s ‘Iliad’ that I now own, and have read every morsel of information about the Bronze Age Trojans I have gotten my hands on over the last eleven years.

That’s enough about my interests for now! Perhaps over time we will have the opportunity to chat. That would be nice… I would love to have the chance to meet you too. I promise not to hog all the conversation!

Live, love, laugh, then love some more! = My motto.

I am a writer/research analyst, specializing in Ancient History. I have several novels in the works at the moment. (When writer’s block halts one, it’s always good to have another to jump into!)

I also have plans to release a series about the Bronze Age, entertaining romance with a twist! The books will be released one at a time, beginning February 14th/2015.

I enjoy making new friends and have a very open opinion on how people should live their lives:
1) They should always be themselves, and accept that others should live their own lives as they see fit.
2) Everyone has rights, opinions, and values… I respect them all, and hope my friends respect mine as well, even if our opinions differ.
3) Live, love, laugh, then love some more!
4) Smile, and enjoy your life, your family and friends… Life is too unpredictable not to live it as fully as we can. = My philosophy
That’s pretty much me in a nutshell. I am who I am, and what you see is what you get!

Books by Amarissa Amber Cale

For The Love Of A Trojan Princess: How Much Will He Sacrifice To Win Her Love?


Imagine yourself in the Bronze Age, 3,200 years ago, kidnapped from your own kingdom, thousands of miles from home across the Sea to a foreign country. Now imagine being torn between the love of your country and love of a man who is the son of a sworn enemy. When the Trojan princess, Cassandra, is kidnapped by ruthless Achaeans from Pylos, the Trojan army gathers and sets course for Greece to confront King Nestor and bring the princess home.

Trojan Hero & Prince Of Troy: Bronze Age Romance Novels


The Beginning commences with two main characters, to whom I have given their own views and voices. It is how they met and fell in love. A tragedy separates the young lovers and the hero, Hektôr, must save his best friend and future wife, Andromakhé, or die in trying to rescue her. What was love and dedication 3,200 years before we were born? Will love have a happy ending? Find out in the first saga of many more to come.

Iliad, Fall of Troy, and the Aftermath: A 3,200 Year Old Journey


I have discovered how few people know much, if anything, about the era, I have decided to spend some time writing this summary of all that would be pertinent to the series. I hope you look forward to many of the romantic stories to come in this fascinating time in our history.

The DuroRock Escapades: Episode Two - Home Alone


Dustin's hired to oversee the building of a new guesthouse by a high-powered millionaire, who goes out of town on business and leaves his wife at home - in Dustin's hands. Dustin finds she's up to some hanky-panky with the help, then she sets her eyes on Dustin. Roxy has her way with Dustin, until her husband walks in. What will Dustin do when he's caught in bed with the man's wife?

The DuroRock Escapades: Episode One-The Plumber's Playmates


Dustin Morgan was an ordinary guy with a plumbing degree, and a girlfriend at home. He is on to the next contract, and it's going to pay big. He has no idea what he's about to sign up for, but he has yet to meet his new boss, Jamie Bolin. Dustin is faced with a dilemma when Jamie and her assistant have their own set of rules in the new nudist colony; can he abide by their rules, or will he run the other way? Adult situations and language 18+up.

Angels & Their Demons: 2nd in the 'Angels Wear Lipstick' series


Katie is a young woman who escaped the cruelty she endured at home as a child. As an adult, she becomes caregiver to one of her abusers. Her peaceful life is soon interrupted by shocking accusations of murder. A whirlwind investigation leaves many to doubt Katie's innocence, including Katie herself. She finds support from an esteemed partner, but even he may not be able to prevent her conviction.

Angels Wear Lipstick: Based on a True Story


Katie’s parents treated her like a showpiece, and a punching bag for her resentful mother. Her life revolved around flashing camera bulbs and tyrannical abuse by both her parents. When she was young, Katie was an adorable little girl, but as she got older, she came to understand that hers was not a normal family. Despite suspicion surrounding what took place behind the Pryor’s closed doors, friends, family, & professionals alike remained silent.