Reading has always been something I've enjoyed, so the transition to actually writing was an easy one and very satisfying.

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I was born in Singapore in 1957, through no fault of mine as I had little choice in the matter, but now live in Kent, which is mostly flat and un-exciting. Having spent some time working for banks, playing bass guitar in a new wave band, and as a Motorcycle Despatch Rider in London, I embarked on a creative writing course, and on completion cheerfully submitted an article to a well known periodical which was promptly rejected, probably for being humorous. Taking this as a personal insult, I took on the mantle of a career as a writer anyway. When not writing, I love walking in interesting areas like the Rhondda Valley in Wales (for its hills and sad history) or Dartmoor (for its peace and isolation), though pretty much anywhere that's got some decent sized hills will do.

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ebook: THE SISTERS OF KIRLEY: Defenestration for Beginners (B00V8UU36W)

THE SISTERS OF KIRLEY: Defenestration for Beginners


Throwing a bishop out of a window, no matter how humorous, is never advisable and often leads to serious consequences. When you throw in mad aliens, gargoyles and questionable policemen the whole thing becomes somewhat far-fetched. Oh, and don't forget the llamas...