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EBook Universe Site Policy

EBook Universe is not a book seller, publisher or agent. We promote kindle ebooks and use Amazon to handle the point sale functions. We offer no warranties of any sort. Our only offer to authors is to list your books for the life of this website.

We may use various inbound marketing techniques, but do not guarantee to use any particular methodology and may change how we promote books at our discretion.

We may in the future introduce a fee for listing. These fees will be for new listings. Any books already listed will not incur any fees, save for those that are current at the time the book is added to the site.

EBook Universe Book Rules

Books are listed for our visitors to buy. Authors can choose to list any or all of their books.

The books listed must be available in kindle format on Amazon.co.uk.

Rules for Authors

The author must be an independent self-published author. Your books can be published by a publisher as long as that publisher is operated by the author, a collective of authors or for the benefit of indie authors.

Authors may not include any links, in either HTML or text form, in the text that they provide to describe themselves or their books.

The text provided by authors must be unique to this site. Search engines do not like duplicate content and may elect not to index pages that use text that has been published elsewhere. Authors should rewrite biographies and book descriptions so that they can be identified as different to other published sources.

Code of conduct

Authors are expected to behave in an adult manner and play nicely with others. Content published on this website should be designed for a 13+ audience.