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Frozen in Time

by  Sharon Ricklin Jones

Ripley's been missing since April 2016. She didn't leave home of her own volition & won’t be coming back. She's living in the year 2416.

New Blood: a romance with a twist

by  Lorna Peel

How long can Sophia stay at Heaton Abbey knowing what she does?

Ravenswynd Legends (Ravenswynd Series) Book 1

by  Sharon Ricklin Jones

Meet on the dock, they said. What could possibly go wrong? This book is Perma-FREE

Alex Hansen

Alex Hansen is a part-time writer from Pennsylvania who specializes in interpretive rewrites of elementary school science textbooks. Just kidding. But he has written about demons, dystopias and drive-thrus, so maybe nothing is off-limits.

Framed: The Second Book of the Thousand Years War Series

by  Angel Medina

What do plutonium, dirty politics, and a virtual world have in common? You'll just have to find out, in the story of the century!

Abra Cadaver (Roger and Suzanne Mystery series Book 14)

by  Jerold Last

Juliet, a trained cadaver dog, demonstrates why she's the perfect pet for private detective Roger Bowman in this suspenseful thriller.

Hickory Dickory Dead (Maisie Fezziwig Book 1)

by  Cheryl Bradshaw

Feisty. Ballsy. Bold. ... And not your average seventy-year-old woman.

Mia Frances

Mia Frances is a pseudonym of author Mary Vigliante Sysdlowski. Her works include the erotic romance murder mystery thriller series IN HIS KEEPING: TAKEN, BANISHED, and CLAIMED; Sci Fi/Fantasy novels: The Ark, The Colony, The Land, and Source of Evil; novella: The Hand of My Enemy; Worship the Night (horror), Silent Song (mainstream), and 4 children's books.

The Knowing: Book 2 of Perception

by  Rob Turner

'Even better than Inward in its quality of writing and its imaginative yet plausible story line. A story that will stay with the reader.'

Beasts of Imagination (The Nautilus Files Book 1)

by  E.A. Bowen

Reeve Walker discovers his father is missing and enterd the world of Nautilus, a secret organization deep under the Atlantic Ocean. Who or what will he find?

Macadamian Pliers

by  Steve Conoboy

Macadamian Pliers has sold them a beautiful house… and he’ll send them screaming from it if it’s the last thing he does.

The Underground: Second Edition

by  Roxanne Bland

An alpha werewolf and an alien assassin--a match made in heaven. Or hell?