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Phoebe and the Rock of Ages: The Gustafson Girls Book 3 (Christian Fiction Series)

by  Becky Doughty

A wild child. A Jesus freak. What will happen when their worlds collide?

Juliette and the Monday ManDates: The Gustafson Girls Book 1 (Christian Romance Series)

by  Becky Doughty

One brokenhearted girl, three meddling sisters, and an intervention plan called The Monday ManDates....

Rockstar Romance

by  Michael-Scott Earle

"Good Lord in a hand basket. You've got quite a book here."-Ds

Renata and the Fall from Grace: The Gustafson Girls Book 2 (Christian Fiction Series)

by  Becky Doughty

What remains when your almost perfect house of bricks comes tumbling down?

Jolene Loraine

A filmmaker with a passion for storytelling, Jolene Loraine captures the excitement of the motion picture within the pages of her new science-fantasy action series, Night Hawk.

Dead by Morning (Rituals of the Night Book 1)

by  Kayla Krantz

He could feel himself sliding into That mind frame. The one no one knew about, the one he kept to himself.

Biker Chick Ambush (Tough Girls Book 8)

by  Rick Suttle

Two biker chicks end up at an inner-city school at night, where they're confronted by some tough black girls. A brutal and deadly struggle ensues.

Cowgirl Down (Tough Girl Book 1)

by  Rick Suttle

A rodeo cowgirl gets into a tussle with a huge teen girl at a western apparel store when she tries to take some boots without paying for them.

Coyote Ugly Rejection (Tough Girls Book 5)

by  Rick Suttle

A woman gets mad after failing to become a Coyote Ugly girl. She soon finds herself in a fight for her life against a demented fat girl.

Zombie Zero: The First Zombie

by  J. K. Norry

The winds of change reek of rotting flesh...

The Destroyer Book 4

by  Michael-Scott Earle

My advise is that if you read and liked the previous three (and I assume you did, why would you read three books and not like them) do not wait reading this one

Mormons, Muslims, and Machines

by  Michael-Scott Earle

The Matrix meets Fast and Furious meets some crazy anime...

The Pellucid Effect: The World of Manx

by  N.W. Moors

Will Mic and Anais have different destinies? Or will the pellucids give them a chance to be together and overcome the forces that threaten their planet?