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The Widow and the Orphan

by  J. Thomas-Like

If you love a good cry or laughter through your tears, this is the story for you!

Blame it on the Onesie: A romantic comedy about work, water and wine

by  CJ Morrow

A laugh out loud, feel good, British romantic comedy.

Mermaid Hair and I Don't Care: A romantic comedy about shoes, surf and second chances

by  CJ Morrow

A laugh out loud romantic comedy from the author of bestselling Blame it on the Onesie

Dangerous Waters: Contemporary Romantic Mystery (The Guernsey Novels Book 1)

by  Anne Allen

A contemporary romantic mystery/drama, Dangerous Waters is the 1st of The Guernsey Novels. Winner of the Silver Medal WishingShelfAward 2012

Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Canada's east coast. After attending McGill University for three years, he lived in Israel, where he worked as a teacher, and continued to develop his writing skills. He returned to Canada, graduated from Dalhousie University, and wrote his first novel in Montreal when he was twenty-five. For the past twenty-seven years he has continued to write and teach English to newcomers to Canada.

Dead by Morning (Rituals of the Night Book 1)

by  Kayla Krantz

He could feel himself sliding into That mind frame. The one no one knew about, the one he kept to himself.

Pipe Dreams: A Tale of Creative Discovery (Enigmatic Short Works Book 12)

by  Jim Stallings

This is a two-part tale of a troubled writer chatting with his therapist; the therapy session ends with a when a new story explores the mind of a child seer.

Tortured Minds

by  Grant Leishman

A supernatural, psychological thriller from the demented minds of three separate authors. Three main characters penned by three very different authors

Into the Darkness: A Piet van Zyl Adventure Thriller

by  Paul Zunckel

The search is on for the burly South African, one a search and rescue, the other a seek and destroy. … will he survive the wilds of Africa?

Legacy (The Chronicles of the White Tower Book 4)

by  Mark Patrick

Her father is brutally murdered. Is Marian next on the list? How can she escape the nebulous force that is intent on obtaining her legacy - by any means it can.

Faith Against the Wolves: A Supernatural Thriller (Travis Rail Series Book 1)

by  Jonathan Chateau

A devout secret society, a faithless courier, and a ruthless cult are about to face off over the fate of mankind and the power of God himself.

Ravenswynd Visions (Ravenswynd Series) Book 3

by  Sharon Ricklin Jones

Immortality definitely has its dark side.