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Exodus (Clare Thibodeaux Series Book 1)

by  Kate McGinn

Exodus is a riveting suspense. Clare runs for her life as an extremist group tracks her. Will the FBI or the Navy Seal with a secret keep her alive?

Million Dollar Barista

by  Peter Casterly

Deceived by a gold digging fiancé, multi-millionaire Christopher Ryan dons on an apron and becomes a barista in hopes that a woman would love him for who he is.

7 Years Later Series: Just GONE

by  Renata W. Müller

The first of a two-book series. A truly tender and compelling love story.

Barons Reach: Book 3 The Dreaming Series

by  Jan Reid

A story of an Australian woman coming to terms with past injustices, by facing the ghosts of long ago.

Laney Smith

Laney Smith is known for creating an emotional bond between her readers and her characters. With relatable story lines and scenarios, Smith leads her reader into believing they have found one of those "I've seen this before," storylines, only to throw a plot twist in, breathing a brand new life into a once seemingly familiar story. With non-stop progression, her readers cannot wait to see what lies ahead, enveloped in page turning excitement.

Just a Coincidence (Dave Slater Mystery Novels Book 2)

by  P.F. Ford

Three murdered women, 15 years apart, all from the same family. How did this happen? Surely it can't be just a coincidence!

Just Divine

by  P. S. Winn

Mystery thriller with amazing twists and turns. Two friends buy a house they thought was a great deal and get more than they bargained for!

Alternative outcome: Where fact and fiction collide (Mike Stanhope Mysteries Book 1)

by  Peter Rowlands

When Mike Stanhope self-published a mystery novel, he never guessed the ordeal he would bring on himself.

Hickory Dickory Dead (Maisie Fezziwig Book 1)

by  Cheryl Bradshaw

Feisty. Ballsy. Bold. ... And not your average seventy-year-old woman.

Lu J Whitley

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a girl was born who was just a little odd around the edges. One thing led to another, and now you're reading her stories.

Beasts of Imagination (The Nautilus Files Book 1)

by  E.A. Bowen

Reeve Walker discovers his father is missing and enterd the world of Nautilus, a secret organization deep under the Atlantic Ocean. Who or what will he find?

The Hand of My Enemy

by  Mary Vigliante Szydlowski

In the deadly game of war, player nations must continually “up the ante” on their enemies. Sparing no expense to create new weapons of mass destruction.

The Alchemist's Box (The Merchant Blades Book 1)

by  Alex Avrio

A swashbuckling fantasy mercenary adventure, through snow-covered mountains and across deserts, with sword fights, giant snakes, and the Queen of the Night!

Disturbance & Destruction

by  P. S. Winn

What if? It's 2047, thirty years ago, a dictator was elected President. The devastation and destruction he created almost destroyed the world.